emotive making_


As part of our emotive making process we decided to translate our thoughts and ideas using the shape of our hands and the use of a ribbon.  In doing this we were able to recognize an abstract connection between the attractive skyline of Doha and the way a pretty ribbon is tied and unraveled.

We produced a series of videos in order to illustrate the close connection between the delicate formation of a ribbon and the city formation of Doha emerging over time.  We have edited a few of the videos to resemble the unraveling of this attractive exterior to expose a greater depth to their culture.  This has been achieved by reversing and slowing down some of the footage.

As the host of the 2022 World Cup, Qatar are already under way to shaping their own future as they construct, accommodate and entertain people from all walks of life.  They have a desire to become a ‘cultural meeting point’ and a vision to enrich their people – both of which will be achieved at this one big event as these people assemble together and have the opportunity to cross paths with both familiar and unfamilair cultures from all parts of the world.

When you visualise a ribbon you associate them with delicate movements and picture them unraveling gracefully. This is the impression we want to give as Qatar ‘untie’ themselves to reveal that they are much more than an attractive exterior. What else have they to offer? We want to visualise what their future could potentially look like as the architecture and landscape change dramatically for the up-coming world cup – remembering not to forget Qatar’s roots underneath all these changes. What is it that is revealed underneath? The people – how the people meet and connect is potentially the greatest benefit amongst all Qatar’s rapid construction. This is what will stand steadfast and remain as its passed down through the generations as the country move even further into the future. At the time of the world cup the country will be exposed to something amazing – for the first time in history, Qatar are preparing to accommodate for millions of people from all over the world. How amazing would it be to be there at this time? This is most exciting for the Qatari people and it’s so important for them to soak up all this culture amongst their own at this time on their own ground, although there will be benefits for all the other people too.

The people ‘crossing paths’ is symbolised in the design by a mesh type structure to create a unified solid structure which exposes the future of Qatar as ‘the people’. We are illustrating the process of ‘revealing’ through our design as we expose a structure that represents the current stunning architecture.

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