thought process 3.2.12_

As this week has progressed, we have been continuously developing our ideas for an appropriate and suitable design to represent Qatar at a world fair.

The above sketch illustrates Doha’s skyline as a ‘façade’.  We have based this sketch on the significant amount of research we have gathered in the past number of weeks.  We are now of the understanding that only a mere 20% of the buildings in Doha’s city centre are occupied.  This small percentage can only suggest that Doha’s skyline has a slightly artificial and deceptive front.  We feel that this is a concept that we can get excited about and therefore reflect in the design of our kiosk.

We are impressed at the degree of development Qatar has achieved in the past 5 years, however we feel that changes need to be made in order to best shape the country for the future.  After talking with our Qatari friends from VCU University over skype, we are told that construction is happening all the time and that development is an on-going process.

There is no doubt that Qatar is flourishing from within, however it is important to note that the country has not fully flourished.  We want to emphasise that the best is still to come for Qatar as it’s continually shaping itself for the future.

The concept for our kiosk is simply to ‘peel back’ the facade of Doha’s city centre to show that Qatar has a clear vision to enrich it’s people.  This process of ‘opening up’ promises to illustrate that with the right planning, Qatar’s future will eternally flourish from within.

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