thought process 1.2.12_

Today after speaking to a friend that works in Qatar, we discovered a lot more about life and culture within the country.  After deconstructing the information and tying all our thoughts together we have developed a concept to help us move forward in the project. We had previously thought about illustrating different cultures merging into the Qatari culture,  however after talking to my friend we discovered that although they do all work together we see that there are different classes of people – even though they add to the people of Qatar, they are not all equal as we had thought.

We have found family life to be the strongest bond amongst the people because it’s the relationship the people have with those nearest and dearest to them. This is confirmed and further emphasised during the month of Ramadan which we understand is a time for ”strengthening the family ties and community”.

We understand how Doha has emerged so quickly as the girls on skype emphasised that construction is happening left, right and centre!  It is recognised that many buildings have been built purely because the people are so rich, SO rich that the buildings don’t even need to have a purpose. Linking these two paths have resulted with Doha being built up quickly to create a visually appealing ‘facade’. There doesn’t seem to be any real point or purpose for a lot of these buildings as of yet.  Therefore we are thinking of designing a kiosk that emulates the visually attractive city of Doha by focusing on the people of Qatar and how they are the true image of Qatari culture.

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