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The aspect of Qatari culture we are most interested in are the people and how the relationship between the people make up the culture of Qatar. We think this appropriately links in with the roots being the substance of Qatari tradition and the basis for all that they are today.

Today on skype we asked a few questions about hobbies/activities in Qatar and the most honest answer we received was eating!  We also asked about where they like to hang out and they explained that they hang out in a place called a ‘majalis’ which is their equivalent to a pub.  They described the ‘majalis’ as a popular indoor cosy place which is normally occupied with men, rather than women.

Earlier today we got a really useful reply in response to one of our questions.
The question was: “is Qatar a lively place?”
-“Although  it may not seem lively at first, you really have to know the places and the people to really enjoy what Qatar has to offer.”

Our initial reaction to this question was to try and reflect the people of Qatar, their nature and how they mesh together with the other cultures through our design.  We felt that if we reflect their answer through our design then visitors of the world fair seeing our kiosk will see what Qatar has to offer.

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