questions for Qatar_

Questions for you Qatari’s!!!

We often meet up socially over a drink, coffee or a meal, would you say that this is something you would do or if not, what would be your equivalent?

It was said in a video that Qatar is one of the safest places to be…and also that it is really lively – would you agree?

Would you say that you and the people of Qatar are proud of what your country has achieved in such a short space of time?
– If so, what is it you’re proud of? Perhaps the money? oil? tourism? education? ….?

When researching about Qatar, we discovered that only 20% of your country are from Qatar, this obviously means that the other 80% is made up of other countries and cultures from around the globe. Is there a fear of the 20% of Qatar’s culture & individual identity getting lost amongst the other 80%?

Do you share the same opinions with your parents and grandparents about the rapid development of your country?

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One Response to questions for Qatar_

  1. Aisha & RAZ says:

    Hey guys!
    well it was really nice meeting you guys on skype, it seems that you may still be curious or confused as to what our culture is about, and i hope these answers help (below)…we’ll be posting more info about Qatar on our blog soon…
    Aisha & Raz

    1- It is something we would do along with going for the movies or going to a friend’s house to hangout. We do this everyday.

    2- Yes very safe in matter of from all aspects, there’s a very low crime rate. Although it may not seem lively at first, you really have to know the places and the people to really enjoy what Qatar has to offer.

    3- Yes ofcourse, very proud! And we’re very proud to all of the above.

    4- We think that Qatari’s are still very much in touch with their culture, although with Qatar’s prosperity people (especially the newer generations) have become more open minded, “westernized”.

    5- we feel, like in many other cultures, we dont usually agree with all of our parents or grandparents opinions. Due to the HUGE difference in the ennvironment we grew up in. Our granparents tend to have a more conservative view on life, therefore it’s more difficult for them to deal with the our way of life today because the change is so rapid. Where as our parents, are more accepting, even encouraging of the rapid growth of the country.

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