exploring Qatar_

We came across this really good website about Qatar on http://www.explore-qatar.com/ and all that it has to offer, places to visit etc. There is a few nice quotes from this video that we think sum up Qatari culture, these are as follows:

“where business is pleasure”

“a sense of elegance second to none”

“comforting home for many”

“its future flourishes from within”

“where the sea washes away the warmth of the desert”

From the conversation on skype earlier we realised a common theme between what was relevant to them and our line of research.  This theme was the importance of family.  They said that everyone knows everyone and there seems to be lots of connections between the people there.  This was something that gave us some inspiration for design.  We agree and notice a link with family and roots, this is reflected in the following quote “we have been rushed into the modern era, but haven’t forgotten our roots.”

After looking into Ramadan there was a quote that tied in with family said “Ramadan is a time for strengthening ties with one’s family & community, a cornerstone of Islam.”

When we asked the Qatari students about their culture and if there was a fear that the other cultures coming in was a negative thing in changing their own culture they strongly emphasised that it wasn’t a bad thing. They felt they weren’t losing their identity in any way, but felt that they were learning and benfitting from each other instead. We get the impression that they are embracing all the other cultures and in fact it adds to the Qatari culture.


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