initial sketches_

After looking at the past/present architecture in Qatar along with general kiosk designs, we have produced a number of initial sketches. We are aware that these ideas may not be directly relevant in representing Qatar’s culture, hopefully we’ll clarify these points with the Qatari’s on Wednesday over skype!

Our initial concept was to create and produce a structure that would ‘capture Qatar in a moment.’  After thoroughly researching into Qatar’s culture we got the feeling that Qatar doesn’t want to ‘show-off’ it’s wealth, but tell it’s story of how they got to the position they are in today.

The thought behind this sketch is that Qatar have a ‘barrier’ surrounding them meaning that people from other countries may not feel welcome because previously Qatar was quite unknown and wasn’t advertised as a tourist destination. The lines ‘piercing the bubble’ represent other countries breaking down the barrier and creating what Qatar want to be seen as today – a cultural meeting point. This is represented in the centre of the bubble where all the lines meet. The lines could also represent all the different cultures that are within Qatar including; Turkish, Saudi Arabian, Indian, American, Pakistani etc.
From here we have started to think about whether Qatar has a recognisable individual culture or whether Qatar’s culture is made up of little bits from different cultures..?

The past 2 images represent entering Doha geographically. The ‘C’ shape corresponds with the Doha bay and we wanted the people to experience Doha by entering into the kiosk as if you were entering the country.

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