architecture in Qatar_

Museum of Islamic Art, Doha
Architect: Pei Partnership Architects of New York

Museum of Islamic Art Park, is a new cultural destination on Doha’s Corniche, that opened on December 16, 2011. Located on the grounds of the world-renowned Museum of Islamic Art, the nearly 280,000-square-metre, crescent-shaped park is designed by Pei Partnership Architects of New York and will feature a vertical steel sculpture by internationally acclaimed American artist Richard Serra. The as-yet-untitled sculpture is Richard Serra’s first public artwork in the Middle East.

What we like about this design is that it is situated out on its own, set apart from the other buildings, taking advantage of the surroundings. We like that it floats above the waters of the Arabian Gulf: giving a tranquil feeling and showing that it’s of some importance as the water reflects the architecture.
We also like the form of the building as it looks like a cluster of cubes creating many different angles and vertices creating an interesting shaped building from a 360 degree
view. This ties in with the purpose of the building being an art museum filled with all
differing styles of art…

National Museum of Qatar Building
Architect: Jean Nouvel

As Qatar’s aim is to become a cultural meeting point, the Qatar Museum Authority are marking the next stage of this through the design of this building, developing Qatar into a hub of culture and communication for the Gulf region and the world.
This building embodies the pride and traditions of Qatar’s people while offering international visitors a dialogue about rapid change and modernization.

This striking design consists of interlocking circular shapes that show the different changes that have come about recently in Doha, and how the aim is now to bring them together in one cultural community for the rest of the world to experience.

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