Week One.

The project that we’re about to partake in is a collaborative exercise between DJCAD, Scotland and VCU, Qatar. Both design schools will design a retail/information kiosk that will represent elements from each others country and culture. This project will provide us with the opportunity to work with designers outside the UK in a place where culture is very different to the one that we experience. Therefore developing a partnership, a network and a connection with the wider world which will benefit us as designers in the future.

The kiosk that we will design will appear at an international ‘World Fair’ that will promote industry and tourism to a global audience. It will fit into a 3x3m space, and there is no restrictions on height.

Not only should the kiosk represent Qatarian culture, but should also focus on the following factors;
– economy of scale
– identity
– merchandise
– context
– mobility

Week One.

This week we plan to research into culture as a whole, and learn about Qatar as a country, the lifestyle and the way of living. As we progress in our research we will be able to formulate questions based on the areas we find most interesting that could develop into a potential design. In doing this we will be able to construct relevant mindmaps/brainstorms that are appropriate to the areas that capture our interest.

We look forward to the skype conversations that will take place at the beginning of week two, to meet our fellow Qatarian partners!

Watch this space….

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